Blur Video Backgrounds Automaticall

Blur Video Backgrounds Automaticall

Blurred backgrounds have proven to be a significant feature in live video calls like in Zoom or Discord. Our webcam thumbnail displays are less distracting and our calls are more immersive. Since the blur effect is built into these communication platforms, it’s easy to enhance video when you’re in real time. It should be easy for pre-recorded videos too.

Let’s say you’ve recorded a talking head video or a product review video. You can blur the background in video, also known as the Bokeh Effect, by using Kapwing’s automatic blur background tool.

Kapwing’s blur background tool uses machine learning to identify the subject of the video in the foreground. The background pixels will then be blended together, creating a blur effect that puts emphasis on the speaker. The boundaries of the background will be softened and smudged together so that the viewer can’t see objects behind the main speaker.

Use the Blur Background feature for any video recorded on an iPhone, Android, tablet, or webcam camera. The AI-powered video editing technique works on any MP4, MOV, M4A, FLV, AVI, or other video files. No more downloading hefty apps like iMovie or learning advanced softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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